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  • Welcome

    Welcome to Vibe Spa, a Fitness Studio and Spa that utilizes a scientifically proven technology called Whole Body Vibration and is now open in North Vancouver, BC.

    Whether you are interested in losing weight, muscle toning, cellulite reduction, improving your core strength or an overall body workout, specific exercises can be tailored to your individual needs by a qualified instructor to achieve your goals fast in just 10 to 20 minutes!

    This technology has been used heavily in Europe for over 40 years and results are guaranteed. Using Whole Body Vibration 3 times per week will effectively help you to build muscle mass, lose weight, Improve mood and energy, fight osteoporosis, build bone density, help with pain control and much more.

    Whole body Vibration is a proven science and used by many NHL , NFL and NBA teams, hospitals, physiotherapists, chiropractors, wellness centers and many other professional athletes.

    Looking to add a Whole Body Vibration Machine to your Home or Business? WBV is the most convenient and easiest way to incorporate fitness into your busy lifestyle. Because it's more efficient, WBV lets you get a whole hour's workout in just 10 minutes!

    Training on WBV has been shown to engage the muscles with a much higher efficiency (98%) compared to traditional workouts (40%). Additionally, WBV can lead to fewer exercise-induced injuries.

    Whether you're an elite athlete or someone just starting to live a healthier life, WBV offers benefits for every level of fitness. The low-impact nature of the workouts makes WBV training accessible to senior citizens and those with limited mobility.

    Below are the benefits for members of the fitness community, from personal trainers giving their clients an extra edge, to large gyms that want to be at the forefront of the WBV revolution. We would be glad to help match you with the right machines and get you up and running in no time!

    - Specialized training will make you an irreplaceable part of your clients' fitness program

    - Whole body vibration is the answer for your gym or health clubShort session time allows one trainer to
      perform multiple workouts in a short amount of time

    - Hotel fitness centers can benefit from whole body vibrationLong list of benefits expands customer base

    - Cruise ships offering whole body vibration in their fitness roomsEffectiveness of program helps clients
     reach their goals with ease!

    - Spas can utililze whole body vibration for massage, anti-aging, cellulite reduction, and beautyWBV is a must
     have for those wanting to reach their fitness goals and achieve elite levels of fitness

    - Personal trainers can utilize whole body vibration for maximum results for their clients. The low cost of
     ownership creates a high Return-on-Investment

    - Sculpt a ripped and toned body with whole body vibrationEarly implementation will put you at the forefront of
     the industry

    - Build a rippling torso and strong upper bodyWBV creates a new revenue source and can be added to any
     existing workouts or services

    - Studio Fit/Vibe Whole Body Vibration Experts, Equipment, and Supplies in USA and CanadaTaking
     advantage of additional protocols and benefits will increase customer base and services offerings

    - TrackerMachines can be placed anywhere in your space due to their small footprint

    - Customer base is perfect to take advantage of a superior workout in less time

    - Creates an additional revenue source through the addition of training or simple protocols pre-programmed
     in the WBV machine

    - Easy implementation and operation creates a short timetable to see a Return-on-Investment

    - Due to multitude of benefits, can be located in either the fitness area or the spa

    - Machines can be placed anywhere in your space due to their small footprint

    - Anti-aging benefits (hormone production for example) will increase & enhance the effectiveness of existing
     services and products

    - The weight loss & fitness benefits of WBV programs create an additional revenue source and expands
     customer base

    A perfect combination with Whole Body Vibration. While the WBV increases your Lymph and Detox functions the Infrared Sauna helps you to eliminate toxins as well as many other benefits. Read further to learn of the many benefits you can achieve!

    Come and experience this innovative technology at no cost for your first visit!