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The DZT Ultra Vibe Whole Body Vibration Machine is a unique form of Functional Whole Body Vibration that works on a patented ocillating platform. It is based on research undertaken within the Soviet Union to counter the problems of bone and muscle wasting encountered by Cosmonauts living in conditions of zero gravity. The technology was refined and was used by Soviet athletes to gain a competitive strength advantage over those outside the Eastern Block. Today Vibrational Fitness is used widely throughout Europe and North America.

DZT ultra vibe v7000 Light Industrial When standing on the rapidly vibrating platform the legs are alternatively rapidly vertically displaced, in a manner comparable to walking. The muscles of the leg, as in walking, then automatically dampen this vibration. By varying the frequency a variety of different whole-body benefits can be achieved. Muscles are stimulated by the Tonic Vibratory Reflex.

A 10 minute session on the DZT Ultra Vibe is equivalent to a 60 minute workout with weights. Backed by proven benefits and our 2 Year Guarantee, you are assured RESULTS!!