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  • Welcome to the DZT Training Zone!

    Vibration training can do something for everybody. From elite athletes to senior citizens and everyone in between. It works the body and muscular system to give you the kind of health you would normally achieve from spending hours in the gym, and it only takes 10 minutes! If this sounds too good to be true, you are not alone but the first time that you step on to a DZT Whole Body Vibration fitness machine you will learn that this is a PROVEN Science you will be amazed!

    This technology has been used for over 30 years and is a standard piece of fitness equipment in many countries. Countless benefits can be achieved and proven with years of research.

    Let's begin the Standard Workout:

    The DZT Basic Workout The following two positions can be used for the first two to three months on their own and for an ongoing routine. These two positions will stimulate your entire core and are all you need to yield results.

    The basic squat is the best position to learn about the theory of Vibration Training and its opposing rules to normal voluntary exercise. If you learn to master the first pose, passing on the same high standards to the other poses should become second nature.

    Basic Squat
    • Stand on the DZT Ultra Vibe with feet 4 to 6 inches apart. Knees slightly bent and back straight.

      Start the unit at a comfortable level.

      You should feel tension on your quadriceps, calves, hamstrings, buttocks and back.

      Bend knees to isolate your leg muscles and stand straighter to focus on your mid section and back. Hold pose for 5 to 10 minutes. Position your feet wider if you need more intensity. Remember that the wider the stance, the more intense the workout.

      Like all forms of exercise, this is the most important position as you are stimulating your largest muscle group and increasing blood flow, circulation, Lymphatic drainage, flushing lactic acid while the therapeutic effects will calm any tension and relax and sore muscles.

    Push Up
    • Start unit at a comfortable level.

      Kneel in front of the DZT Ultra Vibe, placing hands on the plate shoulder width apart. As per photo, make sure hands are in line with chest, not shoulders.

      Look down towards knees as looking up can cause stress to neck area.

      Hold pose and relax for duration of exercise.

      For an advanced upper body workout, you can lift knees off of the floor, straighten your legs (the un assisted pushup) and lower your body 6 inches, hold for 10 seconds, lower you body another 6 inches, hold for ten seconds and so on for all positions of a pushup. One to 4 minutes is all you need to stimulate your upper core.

    For other positions please refer to our Position Chart or 2010 Workout Guide for pictures and instructions on how to maximize your workout!

    *Remember to increase your daily water intake as Whole Body Vibration is a great way to detox.

    *Please check back often for new workout routines and training tips!